Advantages of Working From Home

Once a woman becomes a mother, major life changes will have to occur. What once was a career woman should now reconsider her duties since she also has to be a responsible and wonderful loving mother. For most cases these days, being a mother and a career woman is a much more possible scenario. It may not be an easy feat, but it is possible because one could simply hire a nanny to look after the kid, or have relatives who already chose to be stay-at-home moms, to take care of the kid for them.

Mothers choose to still work despite already having a child not just because of the thirst for a proper career but also because there are bills to pay and there is the child’s future to save for. While this is the father’s responsibility, the mother would have to help especially when the earning is not enough.  However, it will never be denied that there is a huge difference in the emotional progress and stability of the child when it is his or her mother that personally takes good care of them. So, how can a mother earn even when she stays at home?

There are a lot of options for stay at home moms nowadays. First, there is the online work. Mothers can be tutors, writers, transcribers, virtual assistants, among other possible online jobs. The pay is enough and you still get to spend your time with your baby. You don’t even have to mind how you look hence your time is not wasted and is instead invested on the time you have with your son or daughter.

Staying at home is also an opportunity to be hands on not just with your child, but also with the conditions of the house. Stay at home moms can foresee any problems that may occur, like busted light bulbs, unpaid bills, and even plumbing problems.

Being a mother was never said to be an easy task and giving up your career is one testimony of that. Some women will not be able to let go of their careers so easily especially since you worked hard to achieve the career path you have started to take on. But being a mother does not mean that all is lost in the area of career progress. You can always go back when the time is right and when your kid has grown enough to be left behind or to go to school.

Nancy Mitchell